Help The Bees

In honor of Earth day tomorrow, I just finished up this illustration. Whether one believes in climate change or not..I think everyone can agree that we NEED bees and that they deserve to be cared for and protected. I sure do LOVE fruit and am very thankful for these busy little workers! :)

Plant flowers  and please don't pull or spray the dandelions with yucky weed killer, its one of the bees first food sources in the Spring. 

Free Easter Bunny Coupon Printables

I made these cute little Easter Bunny Coupons for my kiddo and thought why not share?! I know there are a lot of other parents out there who like to stuff  their kiddo's Easter eggs with non-candy items.  These are perfect because you can write whatever you like on them.
Here are a few ideas:
1: Movie & Pizza night- your choice.
2: One free movie/ game rental
3:  Chore skip for a day
4: Stay up 20 mins past bedtime.
5: Dinner of your choice
6: 20 mins extra game time

To print the coupons: Click on the image below, click save image as and save to your computer.  Print as an 8x10. Hope you have a great Easter! Enjoy! 

Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a lovely, relaxed  Easter!